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Our Features:
  • Student Portal: All registered students will have an individual student portal which provides everything that you need to find the right career for you.
  • Career Aptitude Test: Standardized, Comprehensive and scientific Psychometric /Career Aptitude Test with detailed report.
  • IQ Test: Know Your IQ by attending Pathfinder IQ Test, one of the best test of its kind.
  • Career Guidance: Highly Qualified Career Counselors and Career advisors.
  • Individual Career Counseling: Start your career journey with Pathfinder and our highly qualified career counselors will show you the path to reach your destination.
  • Telephonic Career Counseling: Talk to our expert career advisor and get clarity on four “W’s”: What to study, Where to study, When to Study and Why to Study?
  • Career Guidance for Schools: Career Aptitude Test and group counseling will help the school students to get a clear picture about their career path.
  • Innovative Technology: Pathfinder provides you the highly innovative career exploration tools which gives you prompt & accurate results just by a click.
  • Career Guidance Master: A simple Windows and Android application for all students to attend the Career Aptitude test and IO Test at home and choose the right career.
  • Career Library: Students will get access to more than 1500 career options in India & Abroad.
  • Scholarships: Detailed information about more than 500 Indian and International Scholarships from Class 5 to Graduation.
  • Entrance Examination: Access to more than 150 Entrance /Competitive examination for all classes.
  • University Ranking: Complete details and global ranking of more than 1000 Universities across the globe. Students will get access to the ranking of 789 Indian Universities and the courses that it offers
  • College Ranking: National Ranking and details of the top 100 Colleges in India
  • Job Market Value: Before you choose any career option, understand the job market value and see your chances of getting your dream Job.
  • Career Videos: Seeing is believing! We want you to see and understand what are the job profile and the actual work culture of the career that you desired to choose. There are more than 300 career videos in the student portal.
  • Career Tips and Alerts: Students will get regular alerts and notification on various Scholarships and Entrance examinations. Regular tips on how to prepare for each exams will help you to make your study more systematic & strategic.
  • Career/Exam News: Our news section will give you regular updates on various developments in the education sector, exam news, scholarship news etc.
  • Job Finder: This unique tool will help you to see how many jobs are currently available for your chosen career type.
  • Pathfinder Mock Tests: Mock Test for all major competitive exams like JEE MAIN, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, NEST, HSEE etc.
  • Favorites: Add your favorite career options here and get the details any time just by a click.
  • Cost Effective: Highly Cost effective and result oriented.
  • Pathfinder Global MBA Rankings: Pathfinder is presenting you the list of top full time MBA schools in the world. Choose the best university or college to complete your Business Masters. Register with Pathfinder and get the comprehensive list of top business schools across the globe.
  • Pathfinder National MBA Rankings: If you are planning to choose a Business Masters degree, and then get the relevant details like Top Business Schools in India, Business Schools Ranking, Placement records Etc... Get Registered with Pathfinder and choose the Best B School to get your Degree.
  • Pathfinder Best Student Cities: Where would you love to study abroad? Would you like to know more about the top 10 Cities for higher studies? In terms of cost effectiveness and general student feedback, pathfinder will give you the list of most desirable places in the world for higher education.
  • Study Abroad Option: Dear students! If you are planning to travel abroad for higher education, gather facts about higher study options abroad and then make a wise decision. Many students who failed to do so ended up in wasting their valuable time and money. So register with Pathfinder and get the relevant information to choose your study destination.
  • Elite Institute in India: Pathfinder has compiled the list of all universities and research institutes where you get world class education with scholarships offers. Getting admission in any of these branded institutes will certainly fetch you the best Jobs with the best package. Register with Pathfinder and get access to all world class institutes in India.
  • Career Charts: Career charts are nothing but simple charts which explain the step by step career progression level if you choose a particular career option. Register with Pathfinder and get access to our brilliant career charts.