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IERT is started off with a mission to empower students, teachers and parents and to make sure that high quality education is accessible and affordable to all students in our country. The smart class promoted by IERT branded as Edmax Series Series, helps the student to learn most complicated subjects and topics in simple language providing visual aids and graphics which will help the students to remember things learned. Most of the topics and lessons are explained using visual display of images, graphics, motion pictures and animations with voice over. So IERT offer the:

  1. The Best Content and learning Module.
  2. Highly innovative Technology and software’s.
  3. The Best Teaching methodology.
  4. Content and Software’s for all Competitive Exams.
Why IERT India?

There are many places you can go to get teaching and learning tools, so what makes IERT different from others?

  1. We use highly effective and scientific methods for teaching and Learning.
  2. We offer content and smart classroom for all classes and all Syllabuses.
  3. We offer the best content and software’s for more than 14 major competitive examinations.
  4. Highly cost effective and offline and online learning modules are available.
Steps to Follow:
  1. Register with us and let us know your requirement.
  2. Give a miss call to our customer support number.
  3. Submit our online enquiry form with a brief note.
  4. Meet with our educational counselors.
Our Features:
Interactive Video Lessons

Our Topic wise video Lessons are highly interactive and easy to access without internet support. Students can learn any concepts or any subjects at their own pace.

Scientifically prepared Notes

Chapter Notes are unmatched in quality as it is prepared by highly experienced faculties and industry experts.

Any Time Any Where

Learning is not restricted within the four walls of the class room and it is not restricted to the school calendar.

Personalized Exam Portal

Get registered with IERT and get instant updates through your personalized exam portal. You can keep track of your progress and see your subject wise performance analysis and make new strategies to improve.

Unlimited Chapter wise Mock Tests

Choose any subject and any chapter and create a mock test and day in and day out you can practice through the self generated and scheduled chapter wise mock tests.

Unlimited Mock Tests

You name it! Any major entrance exam in India, get registered with IERT and practice unlimited mock tests and get admission to your dream college.

No Internet

Since all our windows and android applications are available in offline mode, no need of, no fear of internet expense or misuse. So learn, practice and win without internet!

Highly Cost Effective

No worries about the cost as our mission is to make education available to all, especially to the underprivileged students.

Excellent Revision Notes

We also provide you the best in class, highly effective revision notes which help you to register and recollect all topics, equations, formulas, important points and concepts of your syllabus.

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